Director of Sales

New York, United States



Fusemachines is an Artificial Intelligence solutions and services provider that offers AI Talent to companies seeking to develop their capabilities in Big Data & Machine Learning.


Fusemachines seeks a seasoned, dynamic Director of Sales to lead, develop and execute revenue generation strategies in order to support the overall sales. You will be a part of a highly collaborative team delivering complex, customized solution sets through technology application and services. The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting all quarterly and annual sales targets, further developing the sales team, defining and executing sales plans and processes, generating leads and avenues for new leads, developing and nurturing enterprise client relations and qualifying the leads.

The Director of Sales should continuously drive strong integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions including marketing, sales, customer support, product/service pricing and financial revenue management. In addition, the Director of Sales will work with C-suite to build the bridge from long-term corporate strategy to field execution, ensuring that the entire organization has the direction, information, resources and support to successfully execute in the field.




Fusemachines is an equal opportunity employer.

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